Anger Management

How Counselling Helps Anger Management?

It is normal for every person to experience different moods in a day. The mood of a person can change depending on the situation. A person can feel happy, sad, angry, depressed, etc. depending on what going on in their life. While being angry at times is natural, some people find themselves being angry all the time. This isn’t healthy.


When Anger Becomes A Problem

Anger is an emotion that has the power to influence people’s thought patterns and behaviour. Anger may also show some physical symptoms like the person may experience headache, pounding heart, and rapid breathing.

Getting angry at times is normal, but the problem arises when anger turns into regular aggression and violence. Those who have anger issues may yell constantly or throw tantrums. Also, they may end up fighting with most of the people around them. Not being able to control your aggression can lead to many social problems. If an angry person becomes violent, they may land in legal trouble as well.

Constant anger cannot just create problems for you, but also for those surrounding you. Most of the times, excessive anger hurts people who love you the most. Though venting out your anger is recommended to make your mood better, getting angry on things that don’t matter much can actually make you irritable.

Anger does not just harm those around, but also the person itself too. An angry person may get involved in self-criticism to cope with frustration. This can cause them to develop a low self-esteem or even self-hatred. Anger can also lead a person to harm themselves.

Sometimes, the person having anger issues may be aware about their problem. However, no matter how hard they try, they may find it difficult to control their anger. These people must try anger management therapy to gain control of their condition. 

Regular counselling sessions of anger management can help in identifying the underlying cause of your anger. These sessions will help you figure out easy in which you can communicate your intense feelings without being harsh on yourself or others. Getting a clear idea about the various anger management techniques can be really helpful and change your life forever. With these techniques, you can expect to learn new beneficial ways to express yourself.


What is anger and how can you understand it?

Anger is an emotion that can be evoked by someone or something you feel has done you wrong.

Difficulties in coping with stress or dealing with unresolved issues can build up frustration, which can explode in anger. Finding exact words to explain your feelings can be difficult, and this is why talking about your fears, grief, or loss can be a challenge.

It is believed that men mostly have difficulties in speaking freely about their feelings. Since they don’t share how they feel freely, people around them have no idea about what they are going through. This can make them more frustrated and feel rejected and unwanted. Anger management by a retrained counsellor can help themfind healthier ways to identify, sharee and cope with their frustration.

Gain Insight

If you try to look at an issue from a different perspective or listen to a different point of view, you will find multiple ways to resolve the issue.

Considering the view of someone else and examining your feelings can help you understand yourself better. This is one of the main steps in anger management. Being aware of what keeps you motivated can help you make peace with yourself, improve your self-esteem, and feel confidentin your life and your relationships.


Why counselling helps in anger management?

Anger isn’t a destructive emotion. It just indicates that something isn’t right in the situation.

Many a times, people hesitate to discuss their problems and feelings with family and friends. This is why speaking to a professional helps a lot. They can freely discuss their problems with them and also expect to find out answers to their behaviour. Counselling is teamwork and hence cooperation from both the parties is necessary. It is important for you to share every detail with the counsellor and in return listen to what their suggestions are. Also, if the counsellor suggests you do adopt some anger management techniques, you need to make conscious efforts to see favourable results.

With the help of an anger management counsellor, a person will be able to understand why these situations arewrong for them. A good counsellor can get deep into the reason why a person gets angry in certain situations and also helps them discover some techniques to stay calm.



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